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Social housing in NSW: a discussion paper for input and comment

1 Nov 2014

Currently the New South Wales social housing system faces many challenges – funding is decreasing, operating costs are rising and homes are ageing. This makes it difficult to maintain existing properties as well as to build more homes to meet the increasing demand for housing assistance.

To make sure that the social housing system continues to provide a much-needed safety net into the future, the NSW Government is asking the community to provide innovative ideas to reform the system.

Executive summary

This paper invites input and comment from all stakeholders on the futureof the New South Wales social housing system. The New South Wales government believes the New South Wales social housing system can have a more positive impact on people’s lives by providinggreater opportunities and pathways towards client independence, particularly forpeople of working age, children and young people. At the same time, it should also continue to provide a safety net for vulnerable people; providing housing assistance tothose who need it, while they need it and where they need it. The New South Wales Government iscommitted to working alongside the non-government and private sectors to drive theinnovation required to meet these objectives.

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