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1 Apr 2011

Almost 3 years after publishing the report of the Accessible Transport Watch Project - which included 27 recommendations to improve the accessibility of public transport for members of the travelling public, and particularly for passengers with disabilities - and in light of continuing...

Research report

6 Sep 2010

The goal of this project was to enable community service organizations (CSOs) to significantly improve their organizational technological expertise and their ability to transmit that expertise to their clients - ultimately empowering both.

Doing IT Better was a three-year project conducted by Monash University,...

Research report

26 Jul 2010

Households juggling a range of cost pressures often seek assistance from emergency relief services to help manage short term or intermittent financial crisis. Recent research into emergency relief services suggests that households are falling into financial crisis on a more regular basis due to insufficient...

Research report

26 Jul 2010

Victoria lacks basic standards for rental properties. This makes it legal for exploitative landlords to rent out properties with no heating, cooking facilities or hot water.

Properties can even have holes in the roof or other major structural problems that make them potentially dangerous...

Research report

5 Nov 2009

This report examines the impact that poor rental housing conditions will have on low income households in the context of a changing climate.

It examines international best practice on housing standards and provides a practical framework to implement improved rental housing standards in Victoria...

Research report

29 Jun 2009

This report provides details of the experiences of over 2000 recipients of 24 emergency relief providers in 2007- 2008.

This report was written by VCOSS, Emergency Relief Victoria, RMIT University and Good Shepherd Youth and Family Service

Research report

16 Dec 2008

This paper links the notion of affordability with environmental sustainability and argues that true housing affordability must take into account a wider range of costs than just rent or mortgage price.Increasingly, the gap is widening between those who have access to housing and those who...

Research report

5 Aug 2008

Universal Housing, Universal Benefits is about the provision of appropriate, whole-of- life housing that is accessible to and meets the future needs of all Victorians.

Universal housing is housing designed to be used by all people to the greatest extent possible. Homes designed to...

Research report

18 Oct 2007

This 2007 research aimed to document the transport experiences, and suggested improvements to the transport system, for one potentially transport disadvantaged group – young mothers and their children.

Focus group interviews and surveys were conducted with 45 young mums from around Melbourne, Albury-Wodonga and...

Research report

2 Nov 2006

This report highlights the gaps in generalist youth support services in Victoria and the impacts of these gaps on both young people and existing youth and community service providers. The report includes a number of specific recommendations which are aimed at improving the life chances...

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