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16 March 2017

Carbon capture and storage technology will have a key role in reducing future greenhouse gas emissions.

16 August 2016

Interview with Dr Shashi Sharma, to discuss a new publication which calls for a fundamental and philosophical re-thinking and re-structuring of our food production, distribution and consumption....

31 May 2016

Analyses the importance of appropriate plant nutrient management in agricultural soil, looking at impacts on the soil’s water holding capacity, nutrient retention, nutrient supply and drainage...

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19 April 2016

This resource discusses soil microbiology, soil microbiological ecosystems and research into the analysis and maintenance of healthy soils and soil biological fertility, with Dr Peter Keating,...

25 February 2016

This interview discusses important land care practices to ensure pastoral sustainability in the Kimberley region.

9 February 2016

Australia's groundwater is a nationally significant resource which demands careful, long-term planning and management, informed by a sound understanding of the characteristics of each aquifer.

17 September 2015

Plant growth, vigour and yield are dependent upon the availability of a number of essential element nutrients. Many of the soil types found in Australia are deficient in some of the essential...

3 July 2015

A better understanding of soil microbiology is essential if agricultural production is to meet the needs of a growing world population.

30 April 2015

Several degraded soil conditions are currently causing environmental and economic concern in Australia, including acidification, erosion, salinity, depletion, structural decline and compaction....

12 March 2015

Provides a description of how carbon, water, nutrients, organic matter and microbes interact to underpin the health of soils.