Feedback to the implementation of the application form and guideline process for Living Longer, Living Better Significant Refurbishment Supplement

16 Jan 2014

Victorian aged care provider, Benetas, provides feedback to the implementation of the Application Form and Guideline process for Living Longer, Living Better Significant Refurbishment Supplement.

As a whole, Benetas is supportive of the new Accommodation Supplement and the Guidelines for newly built and significantly refurbished residential aged care services with some specific comments and feedback as outlined in the submission.

Benetas is cognisant of the significant evidence on transition into aged care being a difficult decision for the older person and their families. This factor is Benetas' primary motivation for investing significantly into our homes to provide opportunities for our residents to 'age in place' in their new home. Upgrades undertaken within our homes are intended to provide choice and control for the older person, enabling them to live in the environment of their choosing, within their community of choice.

Significant Refurbishment provision expanded to include already compliant homes to provide greater scope to care for ageing and increasing frailty, provides increased scope to assist care recipients to live in their community of choice.

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