Amanda Kenny

Research report

10 Aug 2017

Multiple research methods were used to develop options for specialist schools to enhance mainstream school inclusion.

Briefing paper

26 Mar 2014

Executive summary

Rural Australians generally experience poorer health than their city counterparts. Rural Australia is a vast geographical region, with significant diversity, where there is good health and prosperity, as well as disadvantage. The purpose of this issue brief is to provide evidence...

Journal article

2 Feb 2013

A scoping review was undertaken to examine current Australian federal, state and territory government health policy documents to ascertain their relevance to midlife and older adult sexual health. It was found that the sexual health of midlife and older adults was not specifically referred to...

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Fostering the development of community groups can be an important part of boosting community participation and improving health and well-being outcomes in rural communities. In this article, we examine whether psychological well-being and resilience are linked to participating in particular kinds of...

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This article explores what happened, over the longer term, after a community participation exercise to design future rural service delivery models, and considers perceptions of why more follow-up actions did or did not happen. The study, which took place in 2014, revisits three Scottish communities...

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Inequitable distribution of the medical workforce is an international problem that undermines universal access to healthcare. Governments in many countries have invested in rural-focused medical education programs to increase the supply of rural doctors.



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Internationally, community participation is highlighted in health policy reform as good for rural communities. Implicit in this policy is the message that the complexities of the rural environment are too difficult for easy solutions and that community participation will...

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