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28 Jun 2018

National planning is vitally important for Australia's naval shipbuilding industry to sustain and consolidate its sovereign capability. The release of the naval shipbuilding plan attempted to formalise a long-term plan for the industry. However, further work is required to provide a more comprehensive and holistic...


31 May 2018

On 26 March 2018, the Senate referred an inquiry into the ‘Commitment to the Senate’ issued by the Business Council of Australia on 21 March 2018, and commitments to stronger wages and employment to the Senate Economics References Committee for inquiry. This is the interim...


30 May 2018

This is the final report of the inquiry by the Senate Economics References Committee into corporate tax avoidance in Australia.


28 Mar 2018

This report evaluates reform options to strengthen Australia's foreign bribery framework and examines the relevant experience in other jurisdictions. It assesses the need for increased transparency around beneficial ownership and the benefits of introducing a debarment framework in Australia.


1 Dec 2017

This report makes recommendations aimed at maximising the competitiveness of the Australian steel industry and levelling the playing field so that Australian steel has the best opportunity to compete fairly in an increasingly globalised market.

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23 Mar 2017

On 25 November 2015, the Senate referred the matter of inconsistencies and inadequacies of current criminal, civil and administrative penalties for corporate and financial misconduct or white-collar crime to the Economics References Committee for inquiry and report.

The terms of reference were as follows:...


1 Dec 2016

This interim report presents an overview of the steel industry in Australia and the current challenges and pressures, with a particular focus on Arrium steel and the Whyalla region.


29 Apr 2016

Many Australian women face an insecure retirement. Men's superannuation balances at retirement are on average twice as large as women's. In practice this means that women, particularly single women, are at greater risk of experiencing poverty, housing stress and homelessness in retirement.


8 May 2015

This report argues that Australia's housing market is not meeting the needs of all Australians, which is reflected in declining home ownership rates, and recommends extensive reforms.

Executive summary

In this report, the committee underscores the importance of affordable, secure and suitable...


19 Mar 2015

This inquiry examined incentives to privatise state or territory assets and recycle the proceeds into new infrastructure.


The Economics References Committee examined:

Incentives to privatise state or territory assets and recycle the proceeds into new infrastructure, with particular reference to:...

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