Sora Park

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15 June 2016

The Digital News Report: Australia 2016 is the second annual survey of its kind of news consumption in Australia. The Australian survey is part of a wider project involving 26 countries...

13 May 2016

This report outlines the findings from a pilot program investigating the use of mobile devices in the treatment of patients with type 2 diabetes.

16 June 2015

This report gives a clear picture of how the Australian news consumer compares to eleven other countries surveyed in 2015.

26 March 2015

Today, satellite and broadband telecommunications provide audiences far wider access to content from across borders, calling into question the purpose and efficacy of domestic content policies....

Conference paper
1 December 2013

Due to distance and low density, rural areas are often disadvantaged in getting access to telecommunication infrastructures. Hence rural digital divide policies tend to focus on providing access....

Conference paper
23 October 2013

Most studies about internet use examine how usage differs among users and why. Less attention has been paid to the varied degrees of non-use or low levels of use.

Conference paper
14 November 2011

Among the many dimensions of digital media literacy, this study aims to look at the aspect of 'device literacy'. Digital media literacy can be defined as the ability to access,...