At last, a politician we can trust?

31 Mar 2015

Once the natural party of government, the Liberal Party has been performing badly across Australia for thirty years or more. Mike Baird has shown the party a way out

Mike Baird’s victory in Saturday’s NSW election is far more unusual than it looks. And if Baird as premier continues as he has begun, he could become more unusual still – and eventually, come under party pressure to take that act to Canberra.

Consider two little-known facts:

1. Since the federal election in mid 2010, when Julia Gillard scraped back into power with the support of the independents, Australia has had twelve federal, state or territory elections. In eight of them, the voters threw the government out.

2. Since the long Liberal rule in Victoria ended way back in 1982, the Coalition has been out of power more often than it has been in it: not only at federal level, but also in every single state…

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