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Working paper

4 Sep 2017

This working paper explores the necessary provisions of a Contract for Difference (CFD) for a new ‘High Efficiency Low Emissions’ (HELE) coal generator producing steam at ultrasupercritical pressure and temperature.


14 Jun 2017

This report represents a two-year research project funded by the Office of the Chief Scientist to improve student participation in STEM-related disciplines by encouraging school and industry collaboration.

Research report

28 Feb 2017

This report was based on survey responses from the CEOs of 285 private-sector businesses across Australia in October and November 2016.

It draws on multiple lines of evidence that confirm that energy prices are rising fast across the National Electricity Market and Eastern Australian...


26 Oct 2016

The massive transition going on in our energy systems occupies a lot of minds in the electricity sector. But consumers – both business and households - also have a deep interest in maintaining reliable, affordable energy services. Every business depends on access to energy, as...


14 Sep 2016

Innovation is firmly on the economic policy agenda, with all sides of politics converging on the importance of boosting and sustaining innovation and maximising the benefits that Australia derives from it. And innovation has never been so important for Australian businesses, as they confront fierce...


27 Jul 2015


As has been stated in previous submissions to Government, the Associations acknowledge Government’s desire to protect telecommunications infrastructure and the information transmitted across it from unauthorised access and interference.

Indeed, Australian Carriers, Carriage Service Providers and Carriage Service Intermediaries (C/CSPs)...

Research report

30 Mar 2015

Executive summary

The continuation of Australia’s economic growth is under threat. In order to sustain the levels of prosperity we have previously experienced, we have to build on our competitive edge in key industries to remain globally competitive. Alongside these developments, Australia’s higher...

Research report

9 Oct 2013

This report assesses business users’ attitudes on a range of issues that are material to the reviews of the national broadband network (NBN).

Key recommendations:

Giving greater priority to rolling out infrastructure to poorly served businesses and industrial estates in outer suburban...

Research report

3 Jun 2013

This report explores the relationship between technology investment and productivity in Australian companies. It draws from several sources: the Australian Industry Group’s 2013 National CEO Business Prospects Survey of nearly 350 CEOs, facilitated discussion groups with business leaders, and in-depth interviews with innovative companies from...

Research report

23 Oct 2008

Drawing on a survey of Australian CEOs, this report highlights the critical importance of lifting the performance of Australia?s broadband network. Among the findings:

Over 93% of companies indicated that the internet has had a positive impact on their efficiency/productivity 66% of businesses believe...

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