Travis Review: interim report

1 Apr 2015

The Travis Review was commissioned by the Minister for Health to conduct an independent statewide census of bed and theatre capacity, and to provide recommendations on how to increase the capacity of Victorian hospitals.

Terms of reference

The terms of reference for the Travis Review are to:

1. Perform a statewide census of hospital capacity including bed, theatre and emergency department capacity and other services that may be substitutes for traditional inpatient care.

2. Consider issues, opportunities and challenges to measuring existing capacity, drawing on local, national and international policy perspectives.

3. Develop recommendations on how to optimise Victoria’s health system capacity in the short term (specifically through allocating additional recurrent funding and minor capital expenditure as required) that can be actioned in the 2015–16 State Budget.

4. Consider the current progress in implementing process redesign methodologies across the Victorian public hospital system and make recommendations on how this can be strengthened to optimise the capacity of hospitals to treat the Victorian community into the future.

5. Call for public submissions from stakeholders for redesign projects or other innovative models of care that increase hospital capacity and make recommendations on their suitability to optimise the capacity of hospitals to treat the Victorian community into the future.

6. Provide an interim report on the census results by end of March 2015 and a final report by the end of June 2015 to the Minister for Health.

The interim report

This report completes the first three of the above terms of reference, with the remaining items to be completed in the final report due at the end of June 2015. The report contains a number of recommendations for consideration by the Minister for Health.

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