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This report provides a summary of key indicators of participation in physical activity (PA) and sport, together with potentially related key demographic characteristics and indicators of health and education, for the City of Brimbank, a local government area (LGA) in the city of Melbourne, Australia. The indicators for the City of Brimbank are benchmarked against other local government areas in Melbourne and aggregates for Western Melbourne, Melbourne and the state of Victoria. An analysis of relationships at the LGA level between the indicators is also included, along with a discussion of these relationships in light of research into the associations between PA and sport participation health, education and other demographic characteristics. In particular, the value of PA and sport for health and education is presented.

It must be noted that the findings reported concern ecological associations, i.e. associations between prevalence (rate) of behaviours or characteristics within the population of each LGA, not about associations at the individual level. This is particularly important when interpreting associations between indicators that relate to different subsets of the LGA population.

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