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24 Aug 2016

The report Financial Resilience in Australia 2015 highlights the concept of resilience as a process that ‘enables individuals to bounce back after adverse events and experiences, adapt to changing circumstances, and deal with environmental stress.’ The report defines financial resilience as:

‘the ability...

Research report

11 Apr 2016

Financial literacy is about understanding financial terms and concepts, and being able to use them to make sound financial decisions.

Lower levels of financial literacy are found amongst disadvantaged groups, resulting in financial exclusion, which can lead to poorer outcomes.

Particularly in Australia,...



8 Apr 2015

Payday lending is booming in Australia. The industry has around one million customers and over 1,100 loan providers. ASIC estimates the number of loans more than doubled between 2008 and 2014. But when a small loan of A$1,000 can come at an annualised cost of...

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