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16 Feb 2015

Outlines how Victorian courts (judges and magistrates) decide which sentence to impose on offenders. When sentencing offenders, a court decides what consequences offenders will face for what they have done. The focus of this guide is on Victorian courts. While some of what is described...

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25 May 2018

The Victorian government plans on introducing legislation in 2018 to establish a Sentencing Guidelines Council. This report makes a number of recommendations in relation to key features of the council, as well as the sentencing guidelines it would create.

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13 Mar 2018

This issues and options paper forms part of the review of restitution and compensation orders in Victoria.


19 Dec 2017

This resource provides a statistical overview of five kinds of theft offences sentenced in the Magistrates’ Court of Victoria between 2012–13 and 2016–17.

Discussion paper

10 Nov 2017

The Sentencing Advisory Council has released this issues paper and an online survey, seeking stakeholder and community views on the creation of a Sentencing Guidelines Council in Victoria.


20 Oct 2017

This report is the response to the Victorian Attorney-General’s request for advice on ‘swift and certain’ approaches to family violence offenders in Victoria.

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