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16 Feb 2015

Introduction: outlines how Victorian courts (judges and magistrates) decide which sentence to impose on offenders. When sentencing offenders, a court decides what consequences offenders will face for what they have done. The focus of this guide is on Victorian courts. While some of what...

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16 Oct 2014

Using both quantitative and qualitative analyses of judges’ sentencing remarks, this paper examines community correction orders imposed by Victorian higher courts in the 18 months to June 2013.

Executive summary

This report builds on the findings from the Council’s Community Correction Orders:...

Research report

30 Jul 2012

This paper focuses on imprisonment, as it is the most severe, iconic and resource-intensive form of incapacitation. It is the form most commonly assumed to be effective and is the focus of most empirical research into this subject.

The incapacitative effect of imprisonment presents...


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18 Jul 2017

This report assesses how many offenders contravene their Community Correction Order (CCO) by committing a new, imprisonable offence, or by failing to comply with another term or condition of the CCO.

Research report

3 Nov 2016

This report on Victoria’s prison population investigates statistical trends in adults held in Victorian corrective services custody between 2005 and 2016. As with the Council’s previous reports on this topic (released in 2007 and 2013), this report highlights a prison population growing at unprecedented rates,...

Research report

23 Aug 2016

People who breach family violence intervention orders are more likely to reoffend than the general criminal population, finds this study.

The study reveals that:

the two most common types of reoffending were further breach of an intervention order (24% of offenders reoffended with...

Research report

20 Jul 2016

This report updates select data from the Sentencing Advisory Council’s 2012 report Sentencing Children and Young People in Victoria.

Specifically, it focuses on offenders aged under 18 at the time of offending (and under 19 at the time of commencement of proceedings) who were...

Research report

10 Sep 2015

Examines changes in community correction order use in Victorian adult courts between January 2012 and December 2014.


The community correction order (CCO) is a recently created and important sentencing option for Victorian criminal courts. The CCO allows courts to combine a...

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