Book review

Life in the gayborhood: safety, difference and change in the urban gay neighbourhood

2 Apr 2015

Queer spaces have shaped modern gay identities, but they have not been without contradiction and complexity. As ‘safe’ spaces for homosexual people, they have also been places in which lesbians and gay men have been the targets of homophobic abuse and violence. As spaces in which difference is celebrated, they have also been rejected by gay people who don’t see themselves as different at all. As spaces over which gays and lesbians can claim some ongoing ownership, that ownership is always challenged and the meanings of these spaces are also always changing.
Scott McKinnon reflects on the changing role of queer space in Sydney's gay neighbourhoods in his review essay on Amin Ghaziani’s book There Goes the Gayborhood? in the Australian Review of Public Affairs.
Title: There Goes the Gayborhood?
Publisher: Princeton University Press
Date Published: 2014
Author: Amin Ghaziani
Image: book cover

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