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30 October 2016

This paper presents and discusses a snapshot of data describing child protection activity in Australia.

30 October 2016

This paper provides a snapshot of the data on Australian children and young people who were in out-of-home-care during 2014-15.

7 October 2016

This report, which has been produced by the Australian Institute of Family Studies, aims to provide valuable insights into family functioning and child development for researchers, policy-makers,...

9 September 2016

This paper examines expenditure related to child abuse and neglect by departments responsible for child protection services in Australia. The broader long-term costs of child abuse and neglect to...

31 August 2016

This resource summarises the findings from a number of research reports relevant to the theme of National Child Protection Week 2016: “Stronger Communities, Safer Children”.

ArticleDiscussion paper
22 June 2016

This article describes the public health approach to preventing child maltreatment, and outlines its strengths and limitations.

24 May 2016

Guidelines for practitioners and clinicians in the sexual assault and alcohol and other drug sectors.

25 September 2015

This report showcases data from face-to-face interviews with caregivers of 1,285 children and young people who were entering out-of-home care for the first time in NSW.

25 August 2015

This is Australia's first nationally representative longitudinal study of child development, intended to provide data that enable a comprehensive understanding of development and life-course...

11 November 2014

This resource sheet reviews past and current programs, research and strategies (both government and non-government) for the prevention and treatment of ear disease in Indigenous children.