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Fact sheet

30 Aug 2017

Produced in partnership with NAPCAN, this resource provides an overview of prevention of child abuse and neglect, with a focus on primary prevention.

Research report

9 Jun 2016

Outlines the different approaches used to assess whether children are at risk of maltreatment and explores some of the issues and criticisms surrounding the use of standardised risk assessment instruments in child protection.

Summary The purpose of this Resource Sheet is to outline...

Research report

15 Apr 2015

This set of resources aims to support practitioners in the child, family and community sectors working with teenagers from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds, in particular refugees and newly arrived migrants.


In addition to navigating the typical developmental tasks of adolescence,...

Research report

13 Apr 2015

This Resource Sheet provides information about safety and good practice when images of children and young people are displayed. It outlines the legal obligations for Internet users and discusses some of the emerging issues associated with online images produced by children and young people, such...

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Exploring the benefits, risks and alternatives
6 Jun 2018

Service providers seldom have time to explore the debates, complexities and nuances surrounding the diagnosis of child mental health conditions. This paper is designed to encourage practitioners in the child and family welfare sector to examine their own understanding of diagnostic systems, and to critically...

Research report

1 Feb 2018

This paper reports on the arrangements in place in each state/territory to support a cross-agency response based on characteristics associated with effective cross-agency responses identified in the research literature.


Literature review

15 Dec 2017

This paper presents a review of available literature on problem sexual behaviours (PSBs) and sexually abusive behaviours (SABs) exhibited in Australian children and young people.


15 Nov 2017

This paper describes the history and development of collective impact, with a focus on Australia, and includes two case studies to examine how collective impact is currently being practised in Australia.

Research report

8 Nov 2017

This paper outlines the latest iteration of changes within Australian child protection systems, drawing on a survey completed by child protection departments across Australia on change and reform planned or underway since July 2010.

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26 Sep 2017

This resource is intended to provide information on a set of principles that capture the essential core components of a high-quality playgroup.

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