Evaluation of 4CEHR and Living Well Dying Well

20 Apr 2015


Grosvenor Management Consulting (Grosvenor) was engaged by the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) to conduct an evaluation of the Living Well Dying Well (LWDW) pilot program and the Cradle Coast Connected Care Electronic Health Record (4CEHR) system.

The aim of the LWDW and 4CEHR pilot was to:

  • implement person-centred advance care planning processes within Tasmanian Residential Aged Care Facilities (RACFs)
  • support the advance care planning processes with an electronic health care record which could be communicated between health care settings.


The evaluation sought to answer the following six evaluation questions, identified by DHHS: 

  1. Is 4CEHR consistent with the approach of LWDW?
  2. Does 4CEHR have the capacity to support the goals of LWDW in Tasmania?
  3. How does 4CEHR interface with the national program to implement a PCEHR?
  4. What will it take to establish a sustainable LWDW program state-wide in Tasmania?
  5. Is the LWDW the most appropriate approach to advanced care planning in aged care for application across Tasmania?
  6. How can Tasmania move beyond trials and establish a state-wide program of coordinated communication for advanced care planning?


The evaluation made 16 recommendations in relation to the evaluation questions above.

Notably, analysis identified the nationally supported Residential Aged Care Palliative Approach (RACPA) as the most appropriate advance care planning approach for Tasmania. The evaluation therefore recommended that DHHS supports RACPA as the advance care planning approach for Tasmanian RACFs.

The evaluation also outlined key areas and actions to support the implementation and improvement of advance care planning in Tasmania.

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