Garry Barrett

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28 September 2016

The effect of house prices on households’ financial decisions has been an important question facing researchers and policy-makers. Increases in house prices may lead households to take on...

27 July 2016

This research analyses the link between house prices, mortgage debt, and labour supply using HILDA data from 2001 to 2012 to see if labour supply changes due to house prices or mortgage debt, and...

Briefing paper
4 December 2015

This project quantifies wealth transfers from Australian parents to their children, models their impact in aiding home ownership for recipients, and estimates its impact on broader economic...

26 October 2015

This project explores the role of intergenerational wealth transfers on housing and related economic outcomes. It quantifies transfers from Australian parents to their children, models their...

27 April 2015

As house prices in Australia have increased, concern has been expressed about the ability of young Australians to attain home ownership.