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29 Nov 2017

This study, examining the progress made against the landmark Baume Report’s recommendations, has found that despite substantive progress on drink driving, governments have failed over the last four decades to make any significant headway in implementing effective alcohol policy to tackle the price, promotion and...

Research report

25 Sep 2017

This report provides the first suggestive evidence that there could be significant preventive effects on liver, head and neck cancer deaths from reducing population drinking levels, particularly among men and older age groups.

Discussion paper

1 Aug 2017

The report explores the association between low alcohol prices and high levels of alcohol-related harm in the Northern Territory. It examines the impact of floor prices implemented in other countries to consider how similar policies might work in Australia.


14 Jun 2017

This report looks at what Australia invests in preventive health measures and argues that governments must spend more wisely to contain the burgeoning healthcare budget.

Discussion paper

30 May 2017

This report compares and assesses the policies that regulate the physical availability of alcohol in Australia and the United Kingdom.

Research report

27 Apr 2017

The Foundation for Alcohol Research and Education’s (FARE) Annual Alcohol Poll (the Poll) assesses Australians attitudes towards alcohol, alcohol consumption behaviours, awareness and experiences of alcohol harm, and perspectives on various alcohol policies. In 2017, the Poll was carried out by Galaxy Research for the...

Research report

27 May 2016

In the lead up to the 2 July 2016 election, the Foundation for Alcohol Research and Education (FARE) is calling on all major political parties to address alcohol’s hidden harm.

The impact of alcohol on the community can be devastating and far reaching. Alcohol...


18 May 2016

The majority of those who drink to get drunk expect to feel happy (56 per cent), and relaxed (54 per cent), with 31 per cent of drinkers expecting to feel a sense of social belonging.

Summary There’s a big difference between how Australians...

Literature review

30 Jan 2016

This Evidence Check review examines the association between alcohol availability, alcohol consumption and harms by reviewing evidence from 191 studies over the last decade, and focusing on the density of alcohol outlets and permissible trading hours. Findings include high-quality, locally relevant evidence that alcohol outlet...

Research report

20 Jan 2016


Alcohol harms in Australia are extensive and well acknowledged: resulting in 5,500 deaths every year and a further 157,000 hospitalisations. Faced with the evidence of those harms, the alcohol industry’s oft-cited defence is to reference official per capita consumption data which shows...

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