Full text hosting on Policy Online

We request your permission to allow Australian Policy Online (apo.org.au) to upload and hold a copy of openly available full text resources produced by your organisation.

Policy Online is a not‐for­‐profit research database providing access to publications and resources and functions as an institutional repository for much Australian policy information.  Since 2002, as this information has increasingly proliferated in digital formats, Policy Online has been at the forefront of efforts to comprehensively preserve and document Australian policy resources. 

To continue this work we need your assistance.  In turn we will assist you by ensuring that your work remains discoverable to future researchers.

Policy Online is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-­‐NonCommercial 3.0 Australia (CC BY-­‐NC 3.0 AU) License. 

By holding full text copies of your research Policy Online guarantees that:

  • Copyright will remain with the copyright holders of the work
  • Your organisation does not yield any rights to the text
  • Your organisation is free to publish the text elsewhere or to license the same text to other parties under any other license