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19 Oct 2017

This report shines a spotlight on what the job market is really like for those facing the greatest barriers to work – people who may not have qualifications or experience to draw on, those trying to re-enter the workforce after a long break, or those...

Research report

27 Apr 2017

The findings of the 2017 Rental Affordability Snapshot show that for people on low incomes housing options in the private rental market are extremely limited, and that the chances of finding a place that could be called home are even worse. Combined with the lack...

Research report

31 Oct 2016

Positions Vacant? When the Jobs Aren’t There is the title of the 2016 report, and it is informed by Anglicare Australia's first Jobs Availability Snapshot.

The findings from the Snapshot show that only 13% of all advertised jobs in May 2016 were at...

Research report

28 Apr 2016

Youth Homelessness remains a significant social issue in Australia. When young people are forced to leave home early, they find it very difficult to gain sufficient income to live independently. Family support is crucial for young people during the transition to an independent adulthood and...


28 Apr 2016

This article argues that the Australian government needs to adopt a more sophisticated approach to addressing social problems such as homelessness, by investing in early intervention programs and more supportive social housing services.

Research report

21 Apr 2016

Anglicare Australia's 2016 rental affordability snapshot finds low income earners are unable to afford to rent privately, and even more Australians are being pushed out of the housing market. Over the first weekend in April, the Anglicare member network surveyed 75,410 rental properties across Australia...

Discussion paper

15 Oct 2015

In Canberra, one of the greatest drivers of inequality is housing affordability. Issues include the lack of community housing options and the rental stress experienced by low-income earners in private rentals.

The purpose of this Green Paper is not to present a definitive list...

Research report

15 Sep 2015


The 2015 State of the Family report is framed by Living Standard Trends in Australia , and incorporates the key findings of Anglicare Sydney’s Profile of deep and persistent disadvantage , which takes a closer look at who constitutes those most at...

Research report

30 Apr 2015

This report surveys private rental housing available across Australia; and tests its suitability – the cost and size – for different low income household types: couples, single parents and children, young people, pensioners, job seekers and people on the minimum wage.

This time members...

Research report

17 Feb 2015

Overview: This is the first national Australian longitudinal study investigating the economic, personal and social costs of youth homelessness over time across a broad range of locations.

Too many young Australians are without any form of safe and secure accommodation. It is estimated...

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