Illicit drug data report 2013-14

14 May 2015

The Illicit Drug Data Report is produced by the Australian Crime Commission and is recognised as one of the most valuable tools for law enforcement agencies, policy and decision makers, research bodies and other stakeholders in developing strategies to combat the threat posed by illicit drugs.

It provides a statistical overview of illicit drug arrests and seizures as well as profiling the current situation, national impact and the emerging trends and threats of illicit drugs in Australia.

Key findings 2013–14: ƒƒ

  • the number of illicit drug seizures and arrests are the highest on record ƒƒ
  • the number of ATS (excluding MDMA) border detections and ATS national seizures are the highest on record ƒƒ
  • profiling of both border detections and national seizures indicates that methylamphetamine manufactured with ephedrine/pseudoephedrine remains prominent ƒƒ
  • the weight of cannabis border detections is the highest reported in the last decade ƒƒ
  • profiling of heroin detected at the border identified heroin originating in South America for the first time ƒƒ analysis of cocaine detected at the Australian border indicated a potential shift in primary source country from Colombia to Peru ƒƒ
  • the number of steroid seizures and arrests are the highest on record ƒƒ
  • there was an increase in the proportion of clandestine laboratories detected classified as other small-scale, medium sized, or industrial scale.
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