Australia matters for America/America matters for Australia

24 Mar 2015

This project explores the important relationship between the United States and Australia.


The United States and Australia share historical ties from the 19th century. The two countries fought alongside each other in the First World War and have been formal allies since 1951, when the countries signed the Australia-New Zealand-US (ANZUS) Treaty. The United States is the largest economy in the world while Australia is the 12th largest. The two countries deepened their economic partnership with the establishment of the Australia United States Free Trade Agreement (AUSFTA) in 2005 and currently enjoy significant cooperation in the Asia Pacific on issues of regional stability and energy security. Both are G20 nations and share key values including strong democratic institutions, the rule of law, adherence to international norms, and openness to immigration. Every year, millions of Australians and Americans visit each other's countries for business, study, and tourism, encouraged by the growing commercial ties, established  student exchange programs, and sister city relationships.

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