Find your material

If you publish open access research chances are we have, or should have*, something by your organisation. We call publishers and producers 'sources' on Policy Online and there are at least three ways you can find everything from one source.

  1. Type your organisation's name in our search box and use the drop down menu to select 'sources'. Select the name from the available options. Or
  2. Browse for sources from the top black menu bar. Or
  3. Try typing the url directly: (leave out of, for, and etc)**

Once you're on your source page you can see a list of the research and other material we have posted by you.***  On the right hand side you can also see some metrics including the types of material we hold and how many views your material has accumulated.  

If your organisation is a Policy Online Member we'll also have space at the top of the list for your logo and a longer description about your organisation.  Membership is inexpensive and helps support the overall collection and dissemination of this service. For more details and member benefits see: Become a member


* If you would like to contribute new content see: Add a resource

** Please note: our database also contains material where organisations' names are also corporate authors (we call these and all other authors 'creators'). If the url reads: that list will reflect everything authored by the organisation. Likewise will show everything by an individual.

*** If you see any mistakes please don't hesitate to contact us at: or