National standards: school sample monitoring and evaluation project, 2010-2013.

1 Jun 2015

This report outlines the findings collected from 2013 of the the National Standards School Sample Monitoring and Evaluation Project.

Executive summary

The National Standards School Sample Monitoring and Evaluation Project describes and evaluates the implementation of National Standards in New Zealand schools. The project has been operating since 2010 when the standards were first introduced. It was initially designed as a three year project, but has been extended for an additional two years to continue monitoring key elements of the implementation of National Standards.
Five types of data were collected at two time points. Copies of schools’ 2013 student achievement targets and 2012 analysis of variance reports were collected in the middle of the year. At the end of the year, Overall Teacher Judgments in reading, writing, and mathematics were collected for all students, and judgements from the PaCT mathematics national trial were collected for a sample of students. Copies of end-of-year reports to parents, families and whānau were obtained, and an online survey of principals was conducted.

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