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Paul Strangio is a senior lecturer in Australian Politics at Monash University. He is a political historian with a particular interest in political parties and leadership. He is the author and editor of several books on Australian politics, including Keeper of the Faith: A Biography of Jim Cairns (2002), The Victorian Premiers, 1856-2006 (2006) [with Brian Costar], No, Prime Minister: Reclaiming Politics from Leaders (2007) [with James Walter), and Confusion: The Making of the Australian Two-Party System (2009) [with Nick Dyrenfurth]. Paul has also been a frequent commentator on Australian and Victorian state politics in both the electronic and print media.

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19 Sep 2017

What lies ahead for Malcolm Turnbull? His boosters still wait expectantly for the green shoots of political recovery.

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3 Apr 2016

Across the globe voters are losing faith in political parties - from both the left and the right. But why do we have parties and was there ever a time when politicians were independent and not bound by party rules?



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31 Jul 2014

A panel of experts discuss political leadership


Judith Troeth , former Liberal Senator for Victoria Rob Oakeshott , former independent member for Lyne Maxine McKew , former Labor MP for Bennelong Paul Strangio , Associate Professor of Politics at Monash University




14 Apr 2008

John Button (right) and Clyde Cameron helped get Labor into shape for electoral success, writes PAUL STRANGIO.

IN THE past month, the Labor Party has lost two of its twentieth century luminaries: Clyde Cameron and John Button. In many ways the two men...



16 Oct 2007

IN HIS 1960s classic, The Lucky Country , Donald Horne characterised Robert Menzies, then at the fag end of his record-breaking post-war incumbency, as a prime minister becalmed - the tide of events was running away from him. Horne’s Menzies was a foreigner in his...

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