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30 Nov 2017

This investigation mapped places of detention in Victoria, how they are monitored, and what needs to change to implement OPCAT.


30 Oct 2017

The investigation received numerous submissions from current and former public housing tenants, along with advocacy groups, detailing their experiences of the Department of Health and Human Services' maintenance claims practices.


25 Sep 2017

This report details the findings from a complex investigation into allegations of sexual assault against a resident of a group home for persons with a disability run by Autism Plus.


7 Sep 2017

This report confirms that access to rehabilitation services remains the dominant concern for prisoners and former prisoners struggling with addiction.


14 Aug 2017

This report finds that although there are comparatively few formal expulsions from Victorian government schools every year, for those students who are expelled, this is a significant punishment which can have a profound impact on their lives.


19 Jun 2017

A case of nepotism so blatant as to beggar belief has been uncovered at the Metropolitan Fire and Emergency Services Board by the Victorian Ombudsman.

Research report

11 Apr 2017

This report looks at ways to help public authorities apologise for mistakes.

Many of the people who approach the Ombudsman are upset, not just about an authority’s mistake, but with the way the authority responded to their concerns. They want the authority to acknowledge...

Research report

20 Mar 2017

It is a truism that taxpayers’ money should not be used for personal gain. This should be ingrained into every person employed on the public purse, but as this, and so many other Ombudsman investigations in past years illustrate, it is not always the case....

Research report

6 Feb 2017


The riots at the Parkville Youth Justice Centre in November 2016 and the Government’s subsequent establishment of a youth justice centre within Barwon Prison have prompted reviews, inquiries, and legal proceedings, by numerous agencies. These include the responsible department, the Commission for...

Research report

15 Dec 2016

Almost 25% of all jurisdictional approaches to the Victorian Ombudsman are about local government. Members of the public who complain to the office sometimes express concern that decisions are being made ‘behind closed doors’ or ‘in secret’, presenting this as evidence to support their concerns....

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