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11 April 2017

This Victorian Ombudsman report finds that while saying sorry may sometimes be difficult for public authorities, if done well, the results are often worth all the effort and more.

20 March 2017

This Victorian Ombudsman report reveals Mt Buller and Mt Stirling senior management spent more than $85,000 of public funds on international family travel, entertaining friends, bonuses and prizes...

6 February 2017

This report on Victoria's youth justice facilities is intended to give Parliament and the public an insight into recent events and to illustrate how the relevant oversight agencies are holding...

15 December 2016

This investigation considered councils’ decision making in the context of their obligations under the Local Government Act, as well as their local laws and policies.

Annual report
6 October 2016

This report sets out some of the many enquiries, investigations and events that made up another busy year in the Victorian Ombudsman’s office.

12 September 2016

This report found WorkSafe agents regularly cherry-picked evidence to support a decision to reject or terminate a compensation claim – as little as one line in a medical report – while...

8 June 2016

This Victorian Ombudsman report uses examples from three separate protected disclosure complaints to demonstrate that council property and resources are at risk of being seen as available for the...

25 November 2015

This report highlights several issues of public interest: whether it is appropriate to allow property developers to make donations to the campaigns of political candidates; and whether there is a...

6 October 2015

This report presents a handful of examples of the thousands of complaints informally resolved, where outcomes can range from an apology or explanation, to loss or damage being rectified, money...

17 September 2015

A whole-of-government approach focused on reducing offending is a key recommendation of this report.