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Research report

23 Aug 2017

This report proposes a new scheme, ‘Social Emergency Lending,’ to help Australian households under financial stress borrow money at very low interest rates.


13 Aug 2017

This study represents one of the most comprehensive analysis of the US-Australia investment relationship ever undertaken. As well as an overview of the historic foreign direct investment by the United States in Australia, the report contains a number of case studies of businesses with strong...

Research report

8 Sep 2016

Executive Summary

The strength of Australia’s economy and the opportunities it affords everyday citizens in a global context today is unarguable: our country has enjoyed over two decades of economic growth, with all classes of Australians enjoying the associated benefits. But it is...

Research report

20 Jul 2016

There is a lack of publicly accessible evidence to support the argument that compensation should be paid. Governments should release modelling that justifies their decision to compensate.

Consumers should know who is being compensated. There is a lack of publicly accessible date on licence...

Research report

1 Jun 2015

This report attempts to break the current political impasse by provide a range of politically pragmatic proposals that would reform negative gearing without abolishing it outright. In each of these scenarios, existing investors are quarantined, with negative gearing only partially restricted. In addition, this report...

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