Implementation of recommendations arising from previous inquiries of relevance to the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse

31 May 2015

The Parenting Research Centre was commissioned by the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse to evaluate the extent to which 288 recommendations from 67 inquiries selected by the Royal Commission had been implemented, and the possible factors that determined, contributed to, or were barriers to successful implementation.

The report found that 64% of recommendations were rated as implemented either in full (48%) or in part (16%). 21% of recommendations were rated as not implemented, and the implementation status of 14% could not be determined.

The findings highlighted the politicial, economic and strategic context in which the implementation of recommendations takes place. Successful implementation was more likely where processes and structures that support implementation were established. Strong leadership and stakeholder engagement can help to garner community and political support, and improve the feasibility of recommendations. A significant barrer to implementation was where recommendations were at odds with current government policy. Resource constraints, including funding, time and staffing, can impede the implementation of reforms, as can organisational cultures that are resistant to change.

A mixed-method methodology was employed including an audit of government documentation, survey of current public servants, and interviews with key stakeholders. The methodology was informed by a scoping review of the methods used in previous inquiry evaluations.

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