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1 Dec 2017

This guide seeks to encourage policy makers, planners, designers, and operators to think beyond compliance and the physical and governance boundaries of services and infrastructure, and focus instead on people's accessibility needs across the whole of their public transport journey.


25 Oct 2017

This report presents tabulations of road deaths and road death rates for Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) nations and Australian states and territories.

Draft report

15 Sep 2017

This draft data plan aims to improve and coordinate information and data collection across key transport and infrastructure stakeholders, and provide improved and more timely information for infrastructure investment decisions and monitoring of the performance of Australia's infrastructure networks.

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5 Sep 2017

The Australian Government is inviting proposals for faster rail links between cities and surrounding regional areas.


18 Aug 2017

An independent review recommended that the Australian Government cease the Regional Development Australia Program. Instead, the Australian Government will refocus the RDA Program so that RDA Committees move beyond their previous planning role and into a more active and facilitative role, effectively being brokers for...


18 May 2017

This report describes the Australian Government's approach to regional policy and investments in regional development.


9 May 2017

This resource outlines the Australian Government investments that will benefit those who choose to live, work and invest in regional Australia.

Policy report

12 Dec 2016

A review of the Regional Development Australia program recommends that the program cease operation and be replaced by a new Australian Regional Business Advisory Board, a network of Directors of Regional Development, a Regional Collaboration Fund and a Regional Investment Commissioner.

Discussion paper

16 Nov 2016

The purpose of this paper is to outline a range of value capture approaches, and seek feedback on how the Australian Government could use its various policy and funding levers to stimulate the use of value capture in the development and delivery of transport infrastructure....

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