Kerry McCallum

Research report

12 Aug 2015

New research funded by the Foundation for Alcohol Research and Education (FARE) and undertaken by the University of Canberra’s News and Media Research Centre, titled 'Conversations about alcohol and pregnancy', has found that women receive and actively interpret contradictory information about the risks of drinking...

Research report

23 Nov 2012

The Media and Indigenous Policy Report is an outcome of 'The Australian News Media and Indigenous Policymaking 1988-2008' project, funded by an ARC Discovery Project grant. It investigated how journalism impacts on the development of Indigenous social policy. Analysis of media and policy texts, and...


26 Jun 2012

Anticipating media coverage is now a key element in the development of Indigenous policy, report Kerry McCallum and Lisa Waller in Inside Story

FIVE years ago, on 21 June 2007, Australian armed forces descended on remote Indigenous communities with the national news...

Conference paper

20 Nov 2008

This paper examines the relationships between research on journalism and cultural diversity and the political and ideological contexts for those policies. By employing historical research methodologies, the paper offers both a chronology of research about reporting of Multiculturalism and cultural diversity in the Australian media,...

Conference paper

20 Nov 2008

Information and communications technologies (ICT) have been increasingly integrated into the delivery of many public and commercial services including banking, health, education and social security assistance. They have also become an important medium for social interaction and can help reduce the sense of isolation of...

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