Lists - a way to keep useful resources together on APO

You can organise material on APO according to your own needs.  Make lists of useful research to return to, reports you want to share with others (or on your own site) or for any other reason you would like to group items together.

  • First register as a user on the site here: or click the register or login buttons at the very top right hand side
  • Once logged in, from your dashboard page or from the landing page of any resource you will see "My Lists" as a heading on the right hand side column.  There you can "Create a new list".
  • After that, whenever you see an item that you want to keep in that list all you need to do is go to Add to my lists and click on your list title.
  • Once you have some resources in your list you can click on that list in the My Lists section and you'll see a page with all of your collected material. 

Please note that at this stage your lists are private.  If you would like to share a list with others, click on the "share this view" button at the top of your list.

From there you can either: 

  • copy and paste the top url to send this list to as many email addresses as you like or
  • copy the embed code and paste this into a page on another site

This function is at a trial stage on APO and we will refine the theming as we go. In the meantime we will be interested to hear feedback on how these lists are working for you.  Please contact: