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4 May 2017

Census of Land Use and Employment (CLUE) provides comprehensive information about land use, employment and economic activity across the City of Melbourne, making it a valuable research tool.

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12 Feb 2017

‘If Jan Gehl did not already exist it would be necessary to invent him to rescue our cities.’ wrote Janette Sadik-Khan, former Commissioner NYC Department of Transportation.

Influential urbanist, architect and humanist Jan Gehl returns to Melbourne with more stories about observing public life...


23 Nov 2016

Smart Blocks is a national program helping apartment owners and their managers to improve the energy efficiency of common property in apartment buildings.

These days, many of us city dwellers live up near the clouds, scraping the sky in high-rise apartments.

Yet apartment...

Data portal

30 Nov 2015

City of Melbourne’s open data platform features publicly available City of Melbourne datasets to explore, export, visualise or map.

Are you a Change Maker?

Are you interested in building evidence for a particular cause and influencing decision makers? You can use this...

Research report

12 Aug 2015

This report provides a valuation of the economic, social and cultural contribution to the Australian community of the Australian Live Music Industries. The valuation employs a cost-benefit analysis framework that draws on a national survey of consumers; interviews with venue owners and operators; and currently...


30 Jun 2015

On Tuesday 30 June, Council unanimously endorsed the 10-Year Financial Plan and accompanying draft Asset Management Strategy to guide how Council manages its finances and assets over the next 10 years.

Lord Mayor Robert Doyle said the plans were developed to make sure Melbourne...

Research report

9 Jun 2015

Aims to help cities around the world become more resilient to the physical, social and economic challenges that are a growing part of the 21st century. Melbourne was selected from 372 applicants around the world to be among the first wave of 33 cities to...

Research report

8 Nov 2014

The purpose of this report is for Future Melbourne (Finance and Governance) Committee to formally receive the People’s Panel Report on the Melbourne City Council’s 10 Year Financial Plan.


Melbourne is growing and changing and the next decade will bring increased...

Research report

1 Sep 2014

Our Vision and Goals


Our aim

To achieve the community’s vision of Melbourne as a bold, inspirational and sustainable city.

Our goals

Our Council Plan 2013–2017 includes eight goals to guide us. The first six...


21 Nov 2013

This publication presents key trends in the City of Melbourne's retail and hospitality sectors, and outlines a strategy intended to support these sectors.

Executive summary

The Melbourne Retail and Hospitality Strategy 2013-2017 is a joint initiative of the City of Melbourne and...

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