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6 Dec 2015

A well- designed GST reform package could support economic growth, make the tax and transfer system more progressive and give governments more budgetary options, according to this report.

Summary Extending the goods and services tax to cover many of the categories currently exempt...

Research report

24 Nov 2015

Better targeting of superannuation contributions tax breaks could save the budget $3.9 billion a year, argues this report.


Tax breaks for superannuation contributions and earnings should be targeted more tightly at their policy purpose. The current system is expensive and unfair....

Research report

1 Jul 2015

Australia is set for more than a decade of deficits between 2008 and 2019, but the reality may be even worse than projections, argues this report.


Grattan Institute’s 2013 report, Balancing budgets: tough choices we need , concluded that without structural...


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