Financing upper secondary education - unlocking 12 years of education for all

1 Jul 2015

Malala Fund Recommendations

Based on the analysis in this study, the Malala Fund has identified five key recommendations for meeting the 12–year ambition:

  1. Governments should make phased, implementable plans aimed at achieving the ambition of access to 12 years of free, good quality primary and secondary education for all by 2030, starting with the most marginalised girls.
  2. Increased global financing efforts should be supported by an expanded Global Partnership for Education (GPE), with the mandate to support resource mobilisation and national action on upper secondary.
  3. Low and lower middle income countries must increase the size of their overall budget and allocate a minimum of 20% of their public budgets to education.
  4. Traditional and non-traditional bilateral donors must commit to meeting a target of 0.7% of Gross National Income in Official Development Assistance and increasing the share of aid to basic and secondary education to at least 10% of total aid budgets.
  5. Every effort must be made to identify and capitalise on new sources of funding.
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