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A collection of recipes for those who love to cook with digital methods
7 Jan 2018

This guide responds to an increasing demand for understanding the interplay between digital platforms, misleading information, propaganda and viral content practices, and their influence on politics and public life in democratic societies.

Briefing paper

15 Jun 2016

Over the past two decades, open access advocates have made significant gains in securing public access to the formal outputs of scholarly communication (e.g. peer reviewed journal articles) – through a combination of public policy-making, funder mandates and changing the norms and practices of researchers...

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15 May 2016

Releasing government data that contain personal information may threaten privacy and related rights and interests. This article explores how these privacy interests can be respected, without unduly hampering benefits from disclosing public sector information.

Journal article

13 Nov 2015


"Public access to publicly funded research" has been one of the rallying calls of the global open access movement. Governments and public institutions around the world have mandated that publications supported by public funding sources should be publicly accessible. Publishers are experimenting with...


2 Sep 2015

This report offers analysis of the emerging issue of open budget data, which has begun to gain traction amongst advocates and practitioners of financial transparency.

Issues and initiatives associated with the emerging issue of open budget data are charted in different forms of digital...

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