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About: Professor Tim Rowse is a Professorial Fellow in the School of Humanities and Communication Arts and in the Institute for Culture and Society. Although much of what he writes can best be described as History, his formal training has been in Government, Sociology and Anthropology. He has taught at Macquarie University, the Australian National University and Harvard University (where he held the Australian Studies chair in 2003-4), and he has held research appointments at the University of Sydney, the University of Melbourne, the University of Queensland and the ANU. Since the early 1980s, his research has focused on the relationships between Indigenous and other Australians, in Central Australia (where he lived from 1989 to 1996) and in the national political sphere. In the 1990s, this and other interests led him to write two books about the life and works of Dr H.C. Coombs.

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10 Apr 2015

The high rate of Indigenous incarceration is a problem for public policy and therefore for historical and social analysis. This paper compares and contrasts two recent attempts at such analysis: Thalia Anthony’s Indigenous People, Crime and Punishment (2013) and Don Weatherburn’s Arresting Incarceration: Pathways Out...


28 Aug 2009

It seems to many historians that Australia was an exception within the story of British colonisation in the extent to which the native presence here was denied, dismissed and, subsequently, degraded.

And for many, terra nullius has become the doctrinal summation of Australia's exceptional,...

Discussion paper

12 Jun 2009

This paper discusses the findings of a recently released study to ‘measure the progress of reconciliation between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians’ by Reconciliation Australia.

The study, Australian Reconciliation Barometer , was released in February 2009. It breaks new ground in the campaign for ‘reconciliation’...


4 Sep 2007

In her Lands of Shame , a book that is probably influential in the Howard cabinet, Helen Hughes argues that public funding to Indigenous Australians should focus on their health and education, to equip them for the labour market. She condemns as 'exceptionalist' policies that...


11 Feb 2003

Tim Rowse reflects on three conferences about Indigenous rights and the campaign for a treaty.

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