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18 Nov 2016

A fall in the proportion of Australian internet users accessing unlawful content online and a rise in the uptake of streaming services are the key findings of the 2016 online copyright infringement survey.

The results of Australia’s second survey of online copyright infringement, showed...


24 Nov 2015

There is strong community support for the cessation of extreme violence against women. A significant barrier to achieving this change is low recognition of the heart of the issue and where it begins. There is a clear link between violence towards women, and attitudes of...


24 Jul 2015

The objectives for this research were: to understand the prevalence of online copyright infringement in Australia across four core content types (music, video games, movies and TV programmes); to understand what attitudes drive online copyright infringement behaviours; and to determine the role pricing plays in...

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30 Mar 2013

Public libraries across the European Union (EU) have long played an important role in communities by providing free access to information, guidance from trained librarians, and public meeting space. As meaningful participation in society increasingly requires access to digital information and resources, many public libraries...

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