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26 Jul 2015

A huge spread of achievement levels in Australian classrooms is making it hard for teachers to implement best education practice and target their teaching to the needs of every individual student.

A range of studies show that at any given year level there is...

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14 Jul 2015

A levy of just $2 for every $1000 of unimproved land value would raise $7 billion a year with an annual charge of $772 on the median-priced Sydney home, $560 on the median-priced Melbourne home, and lower average rates in other cities and the regions,...

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1 Jul 2015

Australia is set for more than a decade of deficits between 2008 and 2019, but the reality may be even worse than projections, argues this report.


Grattan Institute’s 2013 report, Balancing budgets: tough choices we need , concluded that without structural...

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21 Jun 2015

Overview: Poor implementation of a policy to get better value for PBS spending is costing government $320 million a year and raising questions about pharmaceutical industry involvement in drug pricing.

The therapeutic group premium policy, introduced in 1998 to stop the government wasting...

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24 May 2015

The journey to a new model of electricity delivery in Australia has begun, but has so far seen mistakes and much waste. If the transformation is managed poorly, consumers will pay again.


An energy revolution is at hand in Australia, as...

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