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19 Apr 2015

Overview: The Government must act to prevent excessive fees taking at least $40,000 from the superannuation accounts of millions of Australians at retirement.

Too many account holders pay too much in both administration and investment management fees, and that the system could be...

Research report

9 Dec 2014

This report finds that older Australians are capturing a growing share of Australia’s wealth, while the wealth of younger Australians has stagnated.

Research report

19 Oct 2014

This report argues that huge changes in Australia’s gas market will push up the average household bill in Melbourne by more than $300 a year, and in Sydney and Adelaide by more than $100 a year.


For some time the price...

Research report

12 Oct 2014


For people new to higher education and higher education policy, the field can seem bewildering. Basic facts are surprisingly difficult to find and interpret. Funding entitlements reflect the sector’s history more than consistent policy principles. Proposed radical changes to higher education policy...

Research report

28 Sep 2014

This paper recommends more public discussion, including an education campaign, about the limits of health care as death approaches and the need to focus on end-of-life care.


This report is about how, where and with whom we die. The baby boomers...

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