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20 Oct 2013

This report argues that government tax and welfare policies, by favouring homeowners and property investors over people who rent, are increasing the divide between Australians who own housing and those who do not.


Housing policy in Australia is overdue for a...

Research report

6 Aug 2013

This paper argues that the Commonwealth Government should reconsider any plan to end its university open access policy.


After just 18 months of operation, Australia’s radical experiment in uncapping undergraduate university enrolments is under threat. According to its critics – which...

Research report

28 Jul 2013

This report examines the fears some Australians have about the potential adverse consequences of the 10-year mining boom.

Research report

21 Jul 2013

This report argues that the Commonwealth Government should create 2500 teaching-focused positions in universities as part of a national effort to raise the quality of teaching in higher education.


Australia has national debates about the quality of teaching in our schools....

Research report

10 Jul 2013

This report argues that neither creating more competition among schools nor giving them more autonomy without support to improve learning are the vital solutions that will lift the performance of Australian students.

Neither creating more competition among schools nor giving them more autonomy without...

Research report

16 Jun 2013

The global gas revolution is poised to significantly raise bills for Australian households and some gas-using businesses, but government should resist calls to protect domestic households and businesses from high gas prices. Getting gas right: Australia’s energy challenge finds that development of Australia’s liquefied natural...

Research report

5 May 2013

Most Australians live and work in cities. They are essential to generating growth and to creating and distributing opportunities. Cities are shaped by where people live, where they work, and how they get around. When these three things are in tune with the structure of...

Research report

21 Apr 2013

Australian government budgets are under pressure. In the next 10 years, they are at significant risk of posting deficits of around 4 per cent of GDP. That means finding savings and tax increases of $60 billion a year. This alarming task is not impossible, but...

Research report

17 Mar 2013

Australians are paying too much for prescription drugs. The cost of this overpayment is at least $1.3 billion a year, or $3.5 million a day. This equates to 14 per cent of the entire Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS) budget. In a time of escalating health...

Research report

21 Jan 2013

Over the last 40 years, higher education has moved from the periphery to the centre of Australian life. As recently as the mid- 1970s, only three out of every hundred working-age Australians had a higher education qualification. By 2012, the proportion had increased to 25...

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