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23 Oct 2016

Over the past fifteen years, Australian governments have spent $28 billion more on transport infrastructure than they told taxpayers they would. The cost overruns amounted to nearly a quarter of total project budgets. Western Australia’s Forrest Highway between Perth and Bunbury cost nearly five times,...


2 Oct 2016

So much of the national conversation about superannuation simply assumes that 'savings for retirement' is synonymous with 'superannuation savings.' This is a big mistake.

The reality is that superannuation savings account for only a small portion - about 15% - of the wealth of...


25 Sep 2016


On the night of 7 July, the wind was hardly blowing in South Australia and the sun had gone down. Two coal plants had closed earlier that year, and an electricity connection that provides power from Victoria was effectively closed for upgrades....


4 Sep 2016


Winding back superannuation tax breaks will be an acid test of our political system. Not because our major political parties are at loggerheads, but because they largely agree on both ends and means. If we cannot get reform in this situation, then...


7 Aug 2016


Many recent science and information technology graduates are failing to find full-time work at a time when science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) education is a priority for government and industry.

Mapping Australian higher education 2016 shows that in 2015,...

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