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28 Mar 2016


Reducing the thresholds at which former students repay their debt to the Higher Education Loan Program would increase repayments by an initial $500 million a year and more over time. Without change, HELP costs will soar, putting teaching and research at risk...

Research report

21 Mar 2016

Learning gaps between Australian students of different backgrounds are alarmingly wide and grow wider as students move through school.

Summary The gap between students whose parents have low education and those with highly educated parents grows from 10 months in Year 3 to...

Research report

6 Mar 2016


Ineffective management of heart disease, asthma, diabetes and other chronic diseases costs the Australian health system more than $320 million each year in avoidable hospital admissions.

At best, our primary care system provides only half the recommended care for many chronic...

Research report

22 Feb 2016

Calls for changes to ensure patients are protected from out-of-pocket charges and taxpayers get to share the savings from economies of scale and efficiency gains.


The government could save up to $175 million a year by changing the way it pays...

Working paper

15 Dec 2015


Australia has begun to address climate change. The Commonwealth Government has committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 26–28 per cent below 2005 levels by 2030. But we do not have a comprehensive, credible domestic policy framework to achieve this target. We...

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