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6 Aug 2012

Graduate Winners provides a framework for public spending on higher education. It sets out when public benefit or fairness considerations justify public spending.

Public benefits include higher tax revenues, graduates using their skills to assist others, and general attributes such as greater civic...

Research report

18 Jul 2012

The carbon price is a vital step in creating a low-emissions future for Australia, but it needs further support. Investors are still struggling to overcome the risks surrounding low-emissions technologies and to get projects running at large scale and low cost. Grattan’s report...

Research report

10 Jul 2012

This publication accompanies the main report, Game-changers: Economic reform priorities for Australia .

The Supporting Analysis of this publication comprises two sections:

Section 1: Analysis of economic reform priorities for Australia (Pages 5 – 55)

Detailed material on each of the 25...

Research report

8 Jun 2012

If Australian governments want to increase rates of economic growth they must reform the tax mix, and increase the workforce participation rates of women and older people, argues this report.

Together these game-changing reforms could contribute more than $70 billion to the Australian economy....



11 May 2012

Without good implementation, like in Singapore, teaching won’t improve, writes Ben Jensen for the Grattan Institute .


The recent Productivity Commission report into the schools workforce recommended that the federal government scheme to provide bonus payments to teachers be delayed and...

Research report

30 Mar 2012

Australian governments are under constant pressure to intervene to support the economies of particular regions, particularly those that grow more slowly.

The most prominent recent example is the Commonwealth Government’s “Commitment to Regional Australia” in September 2010 1 that promised $10b over eight years,...

Research report

27 Mar 2012

This report looks at ways to make cities better places to live by increasing our opportunities to connect with other people. It examines how the design and functioning of a city – from transport networks to the availability of parks and sporting grounds to the...

Research report

17 Feb 2012

Today’s centre of high performance in school education is East Asia. Four of the world's five highest-performing systems are Hong Kong, Korea, Shanghai and Singapore, according to OECD’s 2009 PISA assessments of students.

In Shanghai, the average 15-year old mathematics student is performing at...

Research report

6 Feb 2012

This report sets out the findings of the technology assessments and reviews the implications for government policy in terms of developing and deploying low emissions electricity technology.

An accompanying publication: No easy choices: which way to Australia's energy future – Technology Analysis,...

Research report

30 Jan 2012

Australia’s higher education system is entering one of its most significant years in recent history.

To meet a government goal of 40% of young Australian adults holding a bachelor’s degree or above by 2025, restrictions on undergraduate student numbers have been lifted:...

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