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11 Jun 2018

This government-commissioned report shows that the New Zealand government enjoys a net benefit of more than $2.6 billion a year from international tourism, confirming that international visitors are more than paying their way.

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31 May 2018

This research is the first in a series of reports from a new national organisation called SEIROS. It includes leaders and representatives from different religious traditions, academics and policy makers.


For BusinessNZ on behalf of the Intelligent Transport Advisory Group
19 Mar 2018

New Zealand has a multibillion dollar opportunity to develop new, high-technology businesses in Intelligent Transport Systems. While there are already some areas of comparative advantage and emerging solutions, these can be accelerated and enhanced through focussed initiatives in key areas.

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8 Mar 2018

Universities New Zealand has released this Deloitte Access Economics report that assesses the benefits of international collaboration between New Zealand and overseas universities. It finds that collaboration on joint research, and the active encouragement of staff and student exchanges between them, bring strong economic benefits...


28 Nov 2017

This report argues that Australia will have to develop its multi-modal transport solutions, with light and heavy rail as its spine, to provide the solutions that Australia needs in shaping our cities and our regions into the future.

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Research report

14 Nov 2017

This report examines the economic cost of cancer in adolescents and young adults (AYAs) in 2016. For the purpose of this report, AYAs are defined as those people who are aged 15-25 years old in 2016.


Produced by Deloitte Access Economics for Oxfam Australia
29 Oct 2017

This report shows that while many leading and iconic Australian fashion brands are enjoying increases in revenue, the workers making our clothes – the vast majority of whom are women - are trapped in a cycle of poverty.


17 Oct 2017

5G is an improved mobile network technology that will open up more flexibility and use cases for a broader range of industries. Deloitte Access Economics has analysed the benefits and impacts of 5G for the Australian Mobile and Telecommunications Association (AMTA).


26 Jun 2017

As the planet’s largest living structure and one of the world’s most complex and diverse natural ecosystems, the Great Barrier Reef is justifiably considered both priceless and irreplaceable. But what is it worth?

Research report

28 Mar 2017

A report released today by Deloitte Access Economics – Mining and METS: engines of economic growth and prosperity for Australians – reveals that the total economic contribution of Australia’s mining and mining equipment, technology and services (METS) sector was $236.8 billion in 2015-16.


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