NSW Legislative Assembly election 2015: two-party preferred results by polling place

30 Jul 2015


In this paper, election analyst Antony Green provides detailed two-party and two-candidate preferred results by polling place for the 2015 New South Wales election. The publication is the latest in a series first published by the NSW Parliamentary Research Service after the 1991 election and is a companion to "2015 New South Wales Election: Analysis of Results".

As well as two-party and two-candidate preferred results, several tables of first preference results by polling place are provided. These tables highlight polling places across the state where selected registered parties recorded their highest and lowest percentage first preference vote.

Also featured are two tables that provide a breakdown of results by vote type. The first table provides percentage first preference, informal and two-party preferred vote by party by vote type for the 2015 election. The second table shows the changing proportion of vote recorded by vote type at New South Wales elections since 1984. This table highlights the declining proportion of the vote taken on polling day as well as the rise in postal and pre-poll voting.

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