National Skill Set For Effective Case Management in Australia and New Zealand: Skills Workbook (1st Edition 2015)
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Frieda Marfleet

Developed by the Case Management Society of Australia and New Zealand (CMSA), for the case management practitioner, supervisor and agency, the NSSW is both a companion resource for CMSA training and a practical hands-on learning resource for the professional development of the Certified Case Manager™, individual case manager and/or case management teams. 

Providing a national quality framework for case management practice, the NSSW maps the key skills for effective case management against each of the four (4) National Standards of Practice for Australia and New Zealand, and catalogues both unskilled and skilled case management practices within the National Key Skill Set Matrix.  

An essential resource for all practitioners and agencies, the NSSW workbook provides the reader with an introduction to the NSSW scope, purpose, interpretation and instructions for its implementation. The inclusion of the four (4) NSSW records provides the case manager with the necessary tools to map their progress and completion of the workbook and serves as a record of the practioners key learnings and identified areas for further review and action.

With seventy four (74) comprehensive reflective practice exercises and ample space for the practioners written responses, this dynamic resource guides and challenges the case manager to reflect on their day-to-day practice, knowledge and experience to candidly identify any discrepancy in their skills to the minimum (satisfactory) practice standard for case management in Australia and New Zealand. This process assists the case manager to recognise any areas of future skill development and advancement.

A must have for all practitioners, supervisors and agencies, this evidence based resource, supports the advancement of the case manager’s practice effectiveness, awareness and informs the development of the practitioner’s skills and knowledge of case management.