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25 Sep 2018

There’s a straightforward way of making sure more doctors work where they’re needed.



4 May 2016

This article is a compilation of health-related organisations' responses to the 2016-17 federal budget, with a specific focus upon health policy and funding.

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15 Jan 2015

Growing out-of-pocket health care costs are creating barriers to essential care for many Australians and arguably leading to increased hospital costs. Over time they will undermine the universality of Medicare and widen health disparities in our community. Despite this, the Abbott Government is intent on...


14 Dec 2010

The efficiency dividend has been chipping away at public service budgets for 20 years. This paper examines the problems it causes and puts forward alternatives.

While initially the dividend may have helped reduce excess spending, its effects are now eroding the ability of government...


22 Jul 2009

The National Health & Hospital Reform Commission's report is due soon, but one issue is barely on the radar - the growing proportion of health funding that is coming out of patients' own pockets. This paper puts forward ideas to improve Australia's health copayments system....

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