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29 Apr 2018

Some students who drop out of university never seriously engage with their course, and needlessly accrue a HELP debt before they leave. This report recommends new ways to protect students from unnecessary financial burdens.

Discussion paper

29 Apr 2018

The main purpose of this background paper is to provide additional information on the Grattan Institute’s statistical analysis of completion of bachelor degrees at public universities.


4 May 2017

Federal Education Minister Simon Birmingham has unveiled big changes to the Higher Education Loan Program (HELP). With about A$50 billion in outstanding student debt, the goal is to curb costs.

Assuming parliament passes the changes, all students will have to pay more and repay...

Research report

4 Dec 2016

A 15 per cent loan fee on all new tertiary education lending could save the Commonwealth $700 million a year and make the Higher Education Loan Program more affordable for government. The fee would help to offset the government’s interest costs, while being fair to...

Research report

30 Aug 2015


For more than a year Australia has debated deregulating university fees for domestic undergraduates. The issue is controversial, but for many years fees have been deregulated for international students and domestic postgraduate coursework students. This report looks at how much these students...

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