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Research report

22 Jun 2017

This review of the National Landcare Program considered evidence obtained in 2016 from sources including individuals, community and industry groups, government agencies and expert advisory groups. It will inform the government’s consideration about investment in natural resource management from 2018.

Discussion paper

10 Mar 2017

Competitive neutrality requires that government business activities should not enjoy any net competitive advantages simply by virtue of public sector ownership. This ensures market competition drives efficient production by the lowest cost business.

Commonwealth, state and territory governments committed to implement competitive neutrality regimes...

Annual Report

27 Sep 2016

This is the first Annual Report for the Reef 2050 Long-Term Sustainability Plan (Reef 2050 Plan).

It summarises implementation of the Plan from its launch in March 2015 until mid-2016. This report is combined with the third Reef 2050 Implementation Strategy, which looks forward...


4 May 2016

The Australian government budget sets out the economic and fiscal outlook for Australia, and includes expenditure and revenue estimates for the current financial year, the budget year, and three forward financial years. It shows the government's social and political priorities, and how the government intends...

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Research report

7 May 2018

This document reports on the progress of the Centre for Defence Industry Capability, the Defence Innovation Hub and the Next Generation Technologies Fund. Together, these programs represent a $1.6 billion investment in defence capability.

Research report

2 May 2018

This publication provides an overview of trends in the Australian labour market to support job seekers and providers, career advisers, those considering future training and work, and people interested in labour market issues.


1 May 2018

The aim of this document is to outline Australia’s current national security science and technology priorities and coordination of efforts, to best take advantage of investment in science and technology and address gaps in immediate and future national security capability.


23 Apr 2018

This strategy document outlines the Australian government’s long-term vision to build and develop a robust, resilient and internationally competitive Australian defence industry base that is better able to help meet defence capability requirements.

Briefing paper

17 Apr 2018

Population growth and population distribution affect most areas of public policy. This paper examines the benefits that population growth and migration bring to Australia, whilst remaining aware of the challenges created by having a larger population.

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Briefing paper

4 May 2016

This Bill seeks to ensure that Australian entities will be able to comply with new international margin requirements for non-centrally cleared over-the-counter (OTC) derivative transactions, which are due to come into force from September 2016.

The purpose of the Financial System Legislation Amendment (Resilience...

Research report

3 May 2016

This Select Committee was established to inquire into whether a national integrity commission should be established to address institutional, organisational, political and electoral, and individual corruption and misconduct.

This interim report comprises three chapters. The second chapter provides an introduction to perceptions of corruption...

Research report

2 May 2016

Describes the effectiveness of correctional education in improving post-release outcomes

Abstract Using a longitudinal dataset of prisoners in Western Australia, this paper describes the effectiveness of correctional education in improving post-release outcomes. The report shows that the more classes completed by prisoners the...


21 Apr 2016

This report, Australian Engagement with Developing Countries Part 1: Bilateral Relationships at a Glance, is the most comprehensive summary to date of Australia’s relationships with its bilateral aid partners. It provides a snapshot of total Australian Government support for developing countries in 2014–15.



21 Apr 2016

This report, 'Australian Engagement with Developing Countries Part 2: Official Sector Statistical Summary, 2014-15', presents statistical details of Australia's development cooperation with partner countries, multilateral and bilateral development agencies, civil society organisations and the private sector. It provides a range of information at the aggregate...