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Research report

30 Aug 1976

This the final report of a 1974-1976 Royal Commission which examined how to reshape government administration in Australia.

This is the first time a digitised version of this report, known as the 'Coombs report', has been made publically available.

The Commission was tasked...

Research report

30 Nov 1975

This 1975 report, commonly known as the 'Pigott Report', helped spur the creation of the National Museum of Australia in 1980 with the passing of the National Museum of Australia Act.

There had been plans to establish a national museum since Federation, but with...

Research report

3 May 1974

The Aboriginal Land Rights Commission ran from 1973 to 1974 and had the purpose of inquiring into appropriate ways to recognise Aboriginal land rights in the Northern Territory.

Gough Whitlam had appointed Justice Edward Woodward to run the Commission, which became known as the...

Research report

30 May 1973

This is the first time a digitised version of this review on school education, known as the ‘Karmel Report’, has been made available. Tabled in 1973, the report greatly influenced how schools in Australia were funded.

On 12 December 1972 the newly elected Whitlam...


Summary: Thanks to the Census, we met lots of different Australians who are anything but typical.

Just eight months after Census night, we‘ve released a preview of the results, giving insight into what makes the ‘typical’ Australian at the national and state/territory level,...

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