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Research report

25 Mar 2011

Summaries (236) of six trials designed to investigate the use of key emerging technologies in the vocational education and training (VET) system have been released.

Funded and supported in 2010 by the Australian Flexible Learning Framework ( Framework (236) ), the trials looked...

Research report

24 Mar 2011

This report, completed in April 2010 and released on 24 March 2011, proposes a number of changes to improve the parliamentary entitlements framework.

The report concluded that the existing arrangements are an extraordinarily complex plethora of entitlements containing myriad ambiguities. The current framework comprises:...

Research report

17 Mar 2011

Market Development commissioned Justin McDonnell (Anzarts) in late 2010 to write the APAM scoping study. The scoping study aims to inform future directions and priorities for APAM.

Specific objectives include:

To evaluate the relevance and appropriateness of the current APAM model To make...

Discussion paper

15 Mar 2011

This Discussion Paper has been prepared by the Department of Health and Ageing as a basis for consultation with pathology stakeholders. These consultations will inform the development of advice to the Minister for Health and Ageing, the Hon Nicola Roxon MP, regarding options for future...

Research report

14 Mar 2011

In the recent Senate debate on Senator Nash's private member’s bill to extend the criteria for Independent Youth Allowance to Inner Regional students the issue of why so few regional students go on to tertiary education was raised and an argument made that...

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