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6 Feb 2013

When government leaders from across the country met in 2008 to agree to a framework for tackling Indigenous disadvantage, they set ambitious targets to address priority areas for change.

The Closing the Gap framework and the six targets set by the Council of Australian...

Research report

27 Feb 2012

The Prime Minister reports annually on progress in Closing the Gap. This is the fourth annual report, tabled in Parliament on 15 February 2012.

According to the report: "This Closing the Gap report shows that the foundations for overcoming Indigenous disadvantage are now in...

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9 Dec 2010

The Australian Government is committed to improving the productivity, sustainability and liveability of our cities. This long-term policy endeavour is vast, complex and should not be underestimated. Urban policy is grounded in a geographic consideration of place and the people that interact with that place....

Research report

12 Feb 2010

This is the second report of the federal government's Closing the Gap program to deal with Indigenous disadvantage.


15 Sep 2009

This report sets out a number of priority actions to assist Australians with disability, including mental illness, into work.

It recognises the importance of education and training as a pathway to sustainable employment, and the role of employers in increasing employment opportunities for people...

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Research report

14 Feb 2017

This ninth Closing the Gap report showcases real successes being achieved at a local level across the country—by individuals, communities, organisations and government.

However, at a national level, progress needs to accelerate. Over the long term there are improvements across a number of the...

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28 Sep 2016

The Turnbull Government is encouraging feedback from Australia’s research and development (R&D) community, businesses and industry groups and other stakeholders on the R&D Tax Incentive Review findings released today.

The review was undertaken by Chair of Innovation Australia Bill Ferris, Australia’s Chief Scientist Alan...

Annual Report

27 Sep 2016

This is the first Annual Report for the Reef 2050 Long-Term Sustainability Plan (Reef 2050 Plan).

It summarises implementation of the Plan from its launch in March 2015 until mid-2016. This report is combined with the third Reef 2050 Implementation Strategy, which looks forward...



14 Jun 2016

The Australian NGO Cooperation Program (ANCP) is an annual grants program that supports Australian NGO community development programs which directly and tangibly alleviate poverty in developing countries. The program operates in over 50 countries worldwide and supports development in a range of sectors. The ANCP...

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3 Jun 2016

Secure and affordable housing is fundamental to the wellbeing of all Australians. It provides a platform for many of life's benefits, including stable employment, connection to the community and a sense of home. Unfortunately, many Australians are not able to access affordable, suitable housing with...

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Discussion paper

7 Mar 2016

Explores the impact of child sexual assault on a sample of 26 non-offending parents, with a particular focus on examining the link between a parent’s thoughts and feelings about the assault and their subsequent support of, and assistance to, the primary victim.


Research report

3 Mar 2016

Seeks to add to and strengthen the evidence base that exists around gender pay gaps throughout Australian workplaces.

Executive Summary The persistent gender pay gap is an economic, political and social issue. Gender pay gaps do not always signal direct discrimination, but remain...

Research report

28 Feb 2016

Provides an overview of elder abuse in Australia - including its characteristics, context, and prevention

Introduction This report provides a broad analysis of the issues raised by elder abuse in the Australian context. Elder abuse - which involves the physical, emotional, sexual or...


23 Feb 2016

A summary of gender-specific data in six areas of social concern for gender equality: Economic Security, Education, Health, Work and Family Balance, Safety and Justice, and Democracy, Governance and Citizenship.

In this issue Gender Indicators, Australia presents a summary of gender-specific data in...

Research report

5 Feb 2016

Presents data for the 25 years from 1989-90 to 2013-14 and describes some of the key trends and explores the relationships between health expenditure and its drivers.

Summary To better understand the long-term trends in health expenditure in Australia, this report presents data...